To cover production needs, we can offer a range of machine tools, which include vertical and horizontal machining centers with three, four and five-axis machining.

Production of our company is focused on serial and piece production, light as well as abnormally complex parts.
We are constantly dealing with the most advanced manufacturing applications and technological processes in the metalworking, as well as with the development and introduction of new production technologies. We improve the results of our work also by increasing of the productivity.

Preparation and elaboration of technical proposals includes the following acts:

  • Creation technology (the development of technological progress)
  • Creating drawings
  • Development of design documentation (CAD / CAM system)
  • Developing bids (according to information tech. documentation customer)
  • Preparing dimensional log of the component


We machine parts with high quality and accuracy. To do this, we used high-quality team of technologists and experience of our staff.
We also emphasis professionalism of our staff, who are regularly educated and trained. We also regularly invest in top quality measurement technology.

In the field of cutting tools we cooperate with leading manufacturers. We also continuously care about securing and maintaining a high standard of production quality.