We provide manufacturing, sales and sharpening rotary tools in carbide and HSS for metalworking and manufacture special tools according to customer drawings.
We focus on continuous quality improvement. Key dates in the manufacturing process are statistically analyzed to identify areas for improvement and quality improvement.



Virtually all of our machining for production use its own carbide cutting tools.
Tools are manufactured according to the latest technologies in CNC five-axis grinding machines. Production programming is done in the latest version of the software Tool Studio that lets you create a tool to the exact requirements with the highest precision and a given geometry.

High quality surface of the produced instruments is achieved with diamond wheels to hone and refine the tool shape under the constant flow of cooling oil.



We have a long experience with focus milling, cutting and drilling tools from HSS and HM materials.

Milling cutters, drills, countersinks, taps and special tools.
We offer fast service and high-quality sharpening milling, drilling and cutting tools of modern CNC machines while preserving the original geometry tools.

Sharpening saw blades of woodworking machinery.
We provide a service of circular saws for woodworking machines.
Keeping the right edge geometry can improve not only the quality of treatment, as well as tool life cycle and reduce costs.



The complete range of our products, or sharpened tools is offered in a form of governance and refilling vending machines at customer.

  • Service complex operation of the dispenser at the customer
  • Dispenser with adjustable shelving system, up to 390 items of tools
  • Tools available 24 hours a day for authorized persons using RFID cards
  • 100% control of intake and expenditure brings significant savings in real consumption tools

Price list of barrel reamers

Caliber material Resizer Rougher Finisher
.308 Winchester (SAAMI / CIP) HSS € 132 € 132 € 132
.30-06 Springfield (CIP) HSS € 132 € 132 € 132
6.5 mm x 55 SE (SAAMI CIP) HSS € 132 € 132 € 132
.223 Remington (SAAMI / CIP) HSS € 116 € 116 € 116
8 mm x 57 Mauser HSS € 132 € 132 € 132
.300 Winchester Magnum (CIP) HSS € 140 € 140 € 140
.338 Lapua Magnum (SAAMI CIP) HSS € 140 € 140 € 140
6,5 Creedmoor HSS € 132 € 132 € 132
9 mm Luger HSS € 112 € 112 € 112
Caliber material Resizer Rougher Finisher
.308 Winchester (SAAMI / CIP) VHM € 188 € 188 € 188
.30-06 Springfield (CIP) VHM € 208 € 208 € 208
6.5 mm x 55 SE (SAAMI CIP) VHM € 188 € 188 € 188
.223 Remington (SAAMI / CIP) VHM € 152 € 152 € 152
8 mm x 57 Mauser VHM € 204 € 204 € 204
.300 Winchester Magnum (CIP) VHM € 208 € 208 € 208
.338 Lapua Magnum (SAAMI CIP) VHM € 228 € 228 € 228
6,5 Creedmoor VHM € 188 € 188 € 188
9 mm Luger VHM € 156 € 156 € 156

Sharpening tools on conventional machines

The company practically sharpening tools on conventional machines started and gradually started to replace this kind of work on modern CNC centers. However, the classical tool-grinding and sharpening machines still one of the integral parts of the production and sharpening tools in JK Tools. It provides a flexible response to the demands of production in small sets, or in individual production.


We offer the possibility of collecting service tools for sharpening. Depending on the type and value of the instrument suggest the most effective way of sharpening either manually or CNC grinding machines. Normal delivery time is one week (Wednesday - Wednesday), if necessary, it is possible to arrange an express term.




We manufacture standard carbide milling cutters, drills, but also special shaped carbide tools.
Standard carbide cutters are manufactured from 1 mm diameter in lengths of 2D, 3D and 5D extended length. Mills produced with two, three, four and six blades.
Standard carbide drill bits manufactured in lengths of 3D, 5D and 8D, with internal cooling and without cooling.

Pricing TK production tools 



Special tools are manufactured according to supplied drawings or we can suggest options and methods of machining for your products.


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