april 2016
Purchasing universal control gauges EQUATOR Renishaw.

Robotized workplace

october 2015
Given the ever-increasing demands for maximum utilization of machines were created more robotized.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

june 2015
Purchase of coordinate measuring machines Global Classic, intended to check the dimensions of various components.

Laser welding ALW 150

may 2015
Acquisition of laser welders ALW 150 for welding materials such as steel, aluminum, nonferrous metals, titanium and other.

Automated robotic line

may 2015
Purchase and implementation of a new robotic line for six milling centers, supplied by KOVOSVIT MAS.

Moving companies

may 2015
Moving the company into a new modern production hall in Podoli (UH).

New production hall

october 2014
Construction of a new production hall measuring 55 x 55 meters.

Dikar S. Coop

february 2013
Establishing successful cooperation in the development and production of parts with the leading Spanish company Dikar S. Coop.

ISO 9001 implementation

january 2013
The company has successfully implemented ISO 9001 quality system.


We invest in modern CNC machinery for many years. With the development of each generation of CNC machine tools company refreshed older CNC machines with more modern, more efficient and more accurate, fulfilling specific requirements and demands precision machining.